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Luiseño/ Cupeño Intertribal NAGPRA Coalition
The Purpose of LINC-
according to By-laws, article 1

The Luiseño/ Cupeño Intertribal NAGPRA Coalition (hereinafter, "LINC") shall act as an advocate on behalf of each of the member tribes to repatriate our ancestors remains and those items that should be repatriated under the Native American Graves Protection and repatriation Act, 25 U.S.C. 3001, (hereinafter, NAGPRA"), to identify and protect sacred sites, and to advocate for legislative or policy changes to the NAGPRA, its regulations and implementation. Delegates of the member Tribes are duly appointed through a resolution of their tribe to act as agents of their tribes with respect to LINC's purpose, and are entitled to all the protections of sovereign immunity enjoyed by their respective tribes. As a coalition of tribes. LINC acts with the sovereign authority of the respective tribes which make up its membership.
LINC will diligently work to facilitate the repatriation of our ancestral remains and burial good and to preserve and protect Luiseño burial and sacred sites. LINC realizes that there are thousands of our ancestors' remains which are still held by museums, government agencies and institutions which receive federal funding. It is our duty to bring our ancestors home and to see that what has happened to them does not happen to future "discovered" remains.


Tribal Office 909.676.2768

John Gomez, Jr
Laura Y. Miranda
Benjamin Masiel

Office 760.749.1054

Patty Duro - Rincon Delegate
Hunwut Turner- Rincon Delegate
Angela Veltrano- Rincon Alternate
Verna Arviso- Rincon

San Luis Rey
Tribal Office 760.724.8505

Carnen Majado- San Luis Delegate
Russell Romo San Luis Rey Delegate
Marlene Fosselman(Chilcote) -San Luis Rey Alternate
Mark Mojado- San Luis Rey Alternate

Tribal Office 909.654.2765

Virginia Duenaz- Soboba Delegate
Lorina Duro- Soboba Delegate
Gabriel Castillo- Soboba Alternate

Pauma Valley
Tribal Office 760. 742.1289

John Osuna- Pauma Valley Delegate
Bennae Calac- Pauma Valley Delegat

Patty Dixon- Pauma Valley Alternate

La Jolla
Tribal Office 760. 742.3771

Charles Lockhart-La Jolla Delegate
John Mendez

Raymond Banquez

Pala Culture Center

Mona Scspe- Pala- Delegate