Web Sites
Most web sites I have designed are project oriented and grant driven. Due to the nature of non-profits, I continue to store them on my host site until I have been asked to remove them due to obsolete material or a new hosting site is obtained. If you wish to have your site removed or updated,
please contact me.

    Rincon Culture Preservation Committee NAGPRA/ LINC web site
    Rincon Culture Preservation Committee First site
    Rincon Culture Preservation Committee Second site
    Rincon Wellness Garden A wonderful project for our community
    Art From the Center This project is a great idea- waiting for the committee/ co-op to form again and move forward.
    Good Seed Creations My sister site and what I do with the rest of my time. Includes Bead~Attitudes and Good Seed's Botanical Bodycare
    Friends Center This was a team effort in a class I took. My responsibilities were design and layout. I created the home page and watercolor graphics throughout.
    Gil My husband, he's a little too busy right now to give me text etc. This is a good example of a one page contact page.
    Max a friend
    New World Consultants These Clients neglected to pay me, for shame! They are not in business anymore, but it is an example of my work, nonetheless.