Rincon Report

Elders Max Mazzetti, on tractor, and Sam Reed prepare the ground, while, right photo, families watch. (Joann Dixon photos}

The Rincon Tribal Council has set aside one acre .1 west of the ball field for the Tribal Wellness Garden to be cultivated and benefit the entire community, In addition to approving the site, which has been plowed and will be enclosed by a six-foot fence, the council contributed $500 towards the needed improvements. Vice Chairman Gilbert Parada made a personal donation of $100 towards the project. The Indian Health Clinic, Rincon Head Start and Rincon Education Center and community members, who have promoted the idea of a community garden for a number of years, are excited about the getting everyone involved in planting. The Wellness Garden was first proposed by Dr. Garry Crummer, a pediatrician at the Indian Health Clinic, who has lead the effort to make it a reality . Per Dr. Crummer's vision, the goal is for groups, the Wellness garden is planned to be used with the help of tribal elders to educate the young people about planting, and the importance of eating healthy -fresh, organic vegetables. "In addition to learning about the nutritional relation- ships between health and the food we eat, the communal garden is envisioned to feature indigenous plants, educa- tion about their history and use, and growing and using plants for healing," said Vice Chairman Parada, who added, "besides serving as an outdoor, real-life learning center about health, and making available healthy natural foods to tribal members, the garden will be fun, providing social focus for people to gather and share information and come together with a common purpose." Rincon Elder Sam Reed will be on site at the garden as caretaker. Other involved elders include: Max Mazzetti, George Morales and Charlie Guacheno. The Tribal Wellness Garden planning committee includes Debi Davis, coordinator; Dr. Garry Crummer, Monica Giotta, Monica McCorkle, Julie A. Schneider- Ljubenkovv, John Ljubenkovv, Julie Wesner, Kevin Strong, Mark Tucker, Samm Hurst, Hun-wut M. Turner, Roberta Osuna, Joann Dixon, and Maveny Verdugo. Any tribal members interested in volunteering or who would like more information should contact the Rincon Education Center. Rincon Indian Reservation .Po. Box 68 . Valley Center, CA 92082