Description of Services

New World Consultants agrees to assist your organization in managing its voice and data communications network, and will undertake the following consulting services, when your organization utilizes New World Consultants:

  • Analyze your telephone bills for long distance service, toll free service, calling cards, data transmission, private line, and point-to-point communication services to determine your current costs.
  • Compare and contrast several long distance providers to determine the range of savings available.
  • Evaluate term contract benefits and ramifications for your company's situation.
  • Make provider recommendations objectively, evaluating cost, service, and other variables that affect which providers will meet your specific needs.
  • Explore feasibility of T-1 dedicated access, fractional T-l, and voice-data integration.
  • Review existing term contracts for cancellation penalties, volume commitments, escape clauses, and automatic renewals to determine benefit/penalty of early cancellation.
  • Make network design recommendations to optimize your network, which may include combining providers and services, switched access and dedicated access lines, splitting traffic for network back-up, etc.
  • For multi-location clients, assess whether different providers best serve different business locations.
  • Assist in project management and implementation of network services.
  • Evaluate vendor proposals received by your organization from long distance providers, to determine suitability and accuracy.
  • Field telephone calls from long distance salespeople on your company's behalf.
  • Assist with strategic and technical questions or issue resolution with providers.
  • Re-analyze your telecommunications bills periodically as changes in your calling patterns occur, or as new programs are available in the marketplace.
  • Negotiate with telecommunications providers on an on-going basis to obtain new services and better rates for your company.

These services are provided at no cost to you, while your organization utilizes New World Consultants.