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The sports and recreational activities provided by the Rez Ball Association are held year round. This effort is made to help keep youth active and involved in something constructive rather than destructive.

The Association members are committed to producing a drug and alcohol free environment during these recreational programs. Since the time of establishment, the Rez Ball Association has worked very hard in continuing this tradition of fun and games.

One of the key factors in keeping the Rez Ball in progress is sponsorship. Anyone may sponsor any event. Anyone may also donate to the Association, anything and everything is welcome. Since Rez Ball is a non-profit organization any donations will be eligible for a tax deduction. Rez Ball's goal is to move into a stable position so we may have more activities. The more involvement the better.

The Rez Ball Association's interest is primarily on the youth of all people. The youth are the future. The purpose of Rez Ball is to try to instill the values of believing in yourself and others, to have the courage to help yourself as well to work together with your peers to accomplish your goals. The Rez Ball Association does not discriminate and can use volunteers, for more information please write to:
The Rez Ball Association,
P.O. Box 257
Valley Center, CA 92082

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