Rez Ball Association

The REZ Ball Association was established in 1995. It is a non-profit organization that provides youth and adult sports as well as other recreational activities in a drug and alcohol free environment. Rez Ball plans, prepares, organizes, and manages sports activities, and also developmental activities for youth and adult populations for the Indian Tribes and individuals living on the Reservations.

The Association involves the whole tribe by collaborating with the Indian Reservations. Each Reservation elects/selects a representative, whose function is to attend the Rez Ball meetings and report back to the Tribal Council. The representative represents the Tribe's interest, position, and the desires of the people. In doing this the Association establishes a working relationship with the Reservations. However, there are no set boundaries for the area to be served, nor, are there any requirements. The Association has no regards for race, color, creed, or religion, anyone who would like to participate is more than welcome to join in fun. Some of the events organized by Rez Ball are basketball tournaments, baseball tournaments, volleyball games, hiking, or just planning a Family Fun Day where the whole family can enjoy and appreciate "their family." Events are usually held once a month.

The youth are expected to follow these simple rules:

* Absolutely no drugs or alcohol at the event
* All ore expected to be encouraging and demonstrate positive sportsmanship.
* No fighting, swearing, belittling, ridicule, or put downs by anyone at that event, including by- standers.

Through these rules the youth learn lessons and values such as; Self-respect, Organization skills, How to work together as a unit/team, Encouragement, Determination/Perseverance, Leadership skills and qualities.